National & Regional Beer Competitions

Bottle & Can 2023

SIBA South West Independent Bottle & Can Beer Awards 2023


                                         DATE OF JUDGING: 6th & 7th December







Bottle & Can Non-Alcoholic & Low ABV



  Brewery Product ABV
Silver Firebrand Brewing Shorebreak AF Pale Ale 0.5
Silver Powderkeg Brewery Green Light 1.2
Bronze Butcombe Brewing Co. Goram IPA Zero 0.5


Bottle & Can Session Lager



  Brewery Product ABV
Bronze Utopian Brewing Bohemian British Lager 4.2


Bottle & Can Premium Lager



  Brewery Product ABV
Silver Eight Arch Brewing Co. Little Dragon 4.5
Silver Bays Brewery Devon Rock Craft Lager 4.5
Silver Castle Brewery Vienna 5.6
Bronze St Austell Brewery Korev 4.8


Bottle & Can British Ales

    Brewery Product ABV
Bronze Exmoor Ales Exmoor Stag 5.2


Bottle & Can Session Pale Ale



  Brewery Product ABV
Silver Arkells Brewery Hoperation IPA 4.2
Silver Eight Arch Brewing Co. Square Logic 4.2
Bronze Stone Daisy Brewery Cow Down – Social Pale Ale 3.8
Bronze Padstow Brewing Co. Padstow Pale 3.5
Bronze Exeter Brewery Avocet (Organic) 3.9
Bronze St Austell Brewery Tribute 4.2


Bottle & Can Pale Ale



  Brewery Product ABV
Gold Yonder Brewing and Blending Boosh 4.5
Silver Quantock Brewery Radicle 4.5
Bronze Liberation Brewing Co. Liberation IPA 4.8
Bronze Stonehenge Ales Danish Dynamite 5.0


Bottle & Can IPA



  Brewery Product ABV
Silver Quantock Brewery Broken Chains 6.3
Silver City Pub Group – King Street Brew House White Trash 5.8
Bronze Exmoor Ales Exile Urban Fox 6.2
Bronze Padstow Brewing Co. Sundowner 8 6.5


Bottle & Can Double & Triple IPA

    Brewery Product ABV
Silver Quantock Brewery Mind Your Head, RHYS! 7.5


Bottle & Can Speciality IPA

    Brewery Product ABV
Silver Hop Union Brewery Bloody Nora 4.7


Bottle & Can Amber, Brown & Red Ale

    Brewery Product ABV
Bronze Padstow Brewing Co. Storm Runner 4.4
Bronze Stone Daisy Brewery Snail Creep Hanging – Best Bitter 4.2






Bottle & Can Stout & Porter

    Brewery Product ABV
Silver Palmers Brewery Tally Ho! 5.5
Bronze Twisted Oak Brewery Slippery Slope 5.5
Bronze The Bath Brew House Avena 6.2
Bronze St Ives Brewery Zennor 5.2


Bottle & Can Imperial & Strong Ale



  Brewery Product ABV
Silver Exmoor Ales Exmoor Beast 6.6


Bottle & Can Sour & Wild Ale

    Brewery Product ABV
Bronze Yonder Brewing and Blending Key-Lime Pie 5.5
Bronze Goodh Brew Co. Tonka Fwonka 6.8


Bottle & Can Continental Style Beer

    Brewery Product ABV
Gold Utopian Brewing Cerne Specialni 5.9
Bronze Castle Brewery New Season 5.5


Bottle & Can Speciality & Flavoured Beer

    Brewery Product ABV
Bronze Zerodegrees: Bristol Our Mango 4.1
Bronze New Bristol Brewery Salted Cinder Toffee Stout 4.0
Bronze Driftwood Spars Brewery Hygge 14.4