National & Regional Beer Competitions

FAQ for brewers

Full list of the rules can be found here Beer Competitons Guidelines.

Summary of the details can be found below. 

Where can I find a list of SIBA competitions dates?

An up to date list of Competition Dates can be found on the home screen of your SIBA Toolbox and on the calendar page on the SIBA website.


Am I eligible to enter?

You are eligible to enter beer into a SIBA Regional Beer Competition if:

• You are a SIBA Brewing Member.

• The beer was brewed in the region hosting the competition.

• The beer will be available in March for the National Beer Competition, currently held at BeerX.

Please be aware any beers delivered in containers belonging to other brewers or ecask without written consent will be automatically disqualified.

Full details can be found on the Competitions Guidelines document, located in the Filing Cabinet in your SIBA Toolbox.

Where can I find the cask category guidelines?


How many beers can we enter?

Each region differs; the details should be on your invitation to enter.  The form asks you to prioritise, so we will cut back if we are over subscribed according to your priorities.

All regions allow one entry per category per brewer only.
Brewers cannot have two brands in the same category.

Do I need to complete a separate form for each beer?

No.  You can add all of your entries to one form.  There is a button to add another entry.  Unfortunately it only appears in the box for the first entry.  Some scrolling is required.

Can I enter the same beer in cask and bottle/can?


Is there an entry fee?


The form won’t submit

Check that the form is not indicating to you any areas that need changing or deleting.  If it is stuck entering the “proof that you’re a human” letters at the bottom, ring or email us and we’ll finalise the form from our end.

You may be trying to upload a file that is too big.  Try to keep them to 1mb

Can I print off the form?

Yes, but don’t do it until you have pressed the intial SUBMIT button or you will get reams of pages coming off.  After you press submit it will take you to a review of your entry page.  You can print from here.  Don’t forget to press confirm or we won’t get it.

Can I enter a seasonal beer?

Yes, but it must be available for March the following year for the SIBA National Indpendent Beer Awards.

Can I invite judges?

Yes, but their details must be sent to Beer Competitions and they cannot have any affiliation with yours or any local brewery within that region.
Please send in their name and email to  Places cannot be guaranteed.

Where can I reorder crown clips, stickers and medals?


Details can be found in the