National & Regional Beer Competitions

Bottle & Can 2022

SIBA Regional Online Bottle & Can Beer Awards 2022

East Region

Bottle & Can Lager



Brewery Product ABV
Gold Brentwood – Elephant School Pils 4.6
Silver Ferry Ales Brewery Lincoln Lager 4.3
Bronze Adnams Kobold 4.7
Bronze Norfolk Brewhouse – Moon Gazer Dewhopper 4

Bottle & Can Bitter

Brewery Product ABV
Silver Brewsters Brewery Aromantica 4.2
Bronze Lincolnshire Craft Beers Bomber County 4.8

Bottle & Can Pale Ale



Brewery Product ABV
Gold Brentwood Brewing Company Falcon Punch 5.1
Silver Oakham Ales Citra T90 4.6
Silver St. Peter’s Brewery Golden Ale 4.7
Bronze Nethergate Brewery Growling Dog Big Sesh 4.5
Bronze Mauldons Brewery Silver Adder 4.2

Bottle & Can IPA

Brewery Product ABV
Gold Wibblers Brewery Here Be Dragons 5.8
Silver Brewsters Brewery IPA 6
Bronze Oakham Ales Green Devil IPA 6

Bottle & Can Amber, Brown & Red Ale

Brewery Product ABV
Bronze Artefact Brewing Ltd Heritage Ruby Ale 4.5
Bronze Lacons Brewery Affinity 4.8

Bottle & Can Stout & Porter

Brewery Product ABV
Gold Brewsters Brewery Dragon Street Porter 4.9
Silver Wylde Sky Brewing Coffee Stout 5.6
Bronze Humber Doucy Brew Co Porter 5

Bottle & Can Imperial & Strong Ale



Brewery Product ABV
Gold Adnams Tally Ho 7.2
Silver Tring Brewery Death or Glory 7.2
Silver Lacons Brewery Penny Black Porter 10
Bronze Norfolk Brewhouse – Moon Gazer Bouchart X 10
Bronze St. Peter’s Brewery Cream Stout 6.5

Bottle & Can Sour & Wild Ale

Brewery Product ABV
Gold Bowlers Brewery Ltd Mangoes Into a Bar 4
Silver Elgood and Sons Ltd Coolship Fruit 5

Bottle & Can Belgian, French & Abbey Ale

Brewery Product ABV
Silver Wylde Sky Brewing Saison 4.8
Bronze Adnams Broadside strong original 6.3

Bottle & Can Speciality & Flavoured Beer

Brewery Product ABV
Gold Elgood and Sons Ltd Plum Porter 4.5
Silver Wibblers Brewery Stoaty McMilk Shake 5.6
Bronze Billericay Brewing Company Billericay Barista 5.9
Bronze Humber Doucy Brew Co Hedgerow-Nettle & Elderflower Saison 4.5