National & Regional Beer Competitions

Bottle & Can 2022

SIBA Regional Online Bottle & Can Beer Awards 2022

Scotland Region

Bottle & Can Non Alcoholic & Low ABV



Brewery Product ABV
Gold Burnside Brewery Right to Roam 0.5

Bottle & Can Lager



Brewery Product ABV
Gold-Best in Category Ferry Ferry Pils 4.5
Gold Cold Town Beer Cold Town Lager 4
Silver Loch Lomond Brewery Safesurfer 5
Silver Williams Bros Brewing Co El Perro Negro 4.5
Bronze Dargavel Brewery Ltd Bo Ho Bull 5
Bronze Simple Things Fermentations German Ale 5
Bronze Five Kingdoms Renton 4.5

Bottle & Can Amber to Dark Lager

Brewery Product ABV
Gold Inveralmond Brewery. Ossian Golden Ale 4.1

Bottle & Can Wheat Beer

Brewery Product ABV
Gold Moonwake Beer Co. Weissbier 5
Bronze Dargavel Brewery Ltd HAUD YER WHEASHT! 5.1
Bronze Burnside Brewery Silver Lining 5.4

Bottle & Can Bitter

Brewery Product ABV
Silver Kelburn Brewing Co Ltd Goldihops 3.8
Bronze Cairngorm Brewery/Loch Ness Brewery stag 4.1
Bronze Born Brewery Best Bitter 4.5

Bottle & Can Pale Ale



Brewery Product ABV
Gold Williams Bros Brewing Co Talking Head 4.4
Silver Loch Lomond Brewery Southern Summit 4
Bronze Campervan Brewery Nelson Haze 4.5
Bronze Kelburn Brewing Co Ltd Jaguar 4.5
Bronze Harviestoun Brewery Bitter and Twisted 4.2

Bottle & Can IPA

Brewery Product ABV
Gold Dog Falls Brewing Co Split the Tree 7.2
Silver Stewart Brewing Radical Road 6.4
Bronze Five Kingdoms Captain Morrisons IPA 6.5

Bottle & Can Double & Triple IPA

Brewery Product ABV
Gold Windswept Brewing Co Ltd Coastal Haze 8

Bottle & Can Speciality IPA

Brewery Product ABV
Gold Williams Bros Brewing Co Juicy Joker NEIPA 5

Bottle & Can Amber, Brown & Red Ale

Brewery Product ABV
Gold Dargavel Brewery Ltd MOO-LIN ROUGE 5
Silver Arran Brewery Milestone 6
Silver Stewart Brewing Stewart’s 80/- 4.4
Bronze Sulwath Brewers Ltd Knockendoch 5

Bottle & Can Stout & Porter

Brewery Product ABV
Gold Hybrid brewing ltd KONGO 6
Silver Cairngorm Brewery Company Black Gold 4.4
Silver SaltRock Brewing Louis Louis 5.5
Bronze Lerwick Brewing Company Tushkar 5.5
Bronze Arran Brewery Clyde Puffer 4.5

Bottle & Can Imperial & Strong Ale



Brewery Product ABV
Bronze Inner Bay Brewery Ltd Jet 9

Bottle & Can Sour & Wild Ale

Brewery Product ABV
Gold Campervan Brewery Mimosa 4.8
Bronze Cold Town Beer Raspberry Miami Weisse 4.3

Bottle & Can Speciality & Flavoured Beer



Brewery Product ABV
Gold Inner Bay Brewery Ltd Ruby 10.7
Silver Windswept Brewing Co Ltd Bear 10.5
Bronze Campervan Brewery The Hoppy Botanist 3.8
Bronze Glen Spean Brewing Co Dark Mile 5