National & Regional Beer Competitions

Bottle & Can 2022

SIBA Regional Online Bottle & Can Beer Awards 2022

South East Region

Bottle & Can Non Alcoholic & Low ABV



Brewery Product ABV
Bronze Hammerton Brewery ZED 0.5

Bottle & Can Lager



Brewery Product ABV
Gold Abyss Brewing Gonzo 4.6
Silver Anspach & Hobday The Lager: Kolsch Style 4.5
Silver Gun Brewery Numb Angel Lager 4
Silver The Park Brewery 1637 Pils 4.9
Bronze Exale Brewing Zorc 5.2
Bronze By The Horns Brewing Co. West End Pils 4
Bronze Hackney Church Brew Co Halo 5.1
Bronze Signature Brew Studio Lager 4

Bottle & Can Wheat Beer

Brewery Product ABV
Gold Hackney Church Brew Co St. Clements 5
Silver Powder monkey Mary Rose 4.6
Silver Anspach & Hobday The Wheat Beer 4.5
Bronze Tap Social Movement x Fauna Brewing Start Somewhere 5.1

Bottle & Can Bitter

Brewery Product ABV
Gold Long Man Brewery Old Man 4.3
Silver Anspach & Hobday The Ordinary Bitter 3.7

Bottle & Can Pale Ale



Brewery Product ABV
Gold Three Acre Brewery Blood Orange Pale 4.9
Silver Bedlam High Tide 3.9
Silver Unity Brewing Co Conflux 4.8
Silver Long Man Brewery Twenty12 Pale 4.6
Silver Cellar Head Brewing Company Amitola 4.2
Bronze Disruption Is Brewing Demockracy 4
Bronze Powder monkey Drop Anchor 4.6
Bronze Loud Shirt Brewing Co LTD Hazed & Confused NEIPA 4.5
Bronze Renegade Brewery Queensbury Jack Session IPA 4.8
Bronze Neckstamper Brewing Moon Curser 5.2
Bronze Hackney Brewery Boogie Van 5.5

Bottle & Can IPA

Brewery Product ABV
Gold Unity Brewing Co Only The Sea 6.2
Silver Powder monkey Explosion IPA 6
Bronze Cellar Head Brewing Company Wonderland 5.8
Bronze Bedlam Hunky Dory 6.2

Bottle & Can Double & Triple IPA

Brewery Product ABV
Gold Disruption Is Brewing Even More Chaos 8

Bottle & Can Amber, Brown & Red Ale

Brewery Product ABV
Bronze Tonbridge Brewery Parallel 49 4.5

Bottle & Can Stout & Porter

Brewery Product ABV
Gold Orbit Beers Dead Wax London Porter 5.5
Silver By The Horns Brewing Co. Lambeth Walk 5.1
Silver London Beer Lab Stout 5.2
Silver Neckstamper Brewing Bonebox Cooler 4.4
Bronze Tap Social Movement Inside Out 5.5
Bronze The Cronx Brewery Entire 5.2

Bottle & Can Imperial & Strong Ale



Brewery Product ABV
Gold Elusive Brewing I’m Gonna Bee 11
Silver Disruption Is Brewing Cereal Thrilla 7.2

Bottle & Can Sour & Wild Ale

Brewery Product ABV
Gold Orbit Beers Tzatziki Sour 4.3
Silver ORA brewing Prickly margarita 7.5
Silver Hackney Brewery Millions Of Peaches 4

Bottle & Can Speciality & Flavoured Beer



Brewery Product ABV
Gold Hammerton Brewery City Of Cake 5.5
Silver Deviant & Dandy Lobsters On South Beach 2.5
Silver Elusive Brewing Carve’n Yams 5.2
Bronze ORA brewing Balsamic imperial stout 10