National & Regional Beer Competitions


SIBA National Beer Competition 2010

The Canal House, Nottingham

Thursday 4th February 2010

Winners were announced at our annual brewing conference 5th March 2010

Champion Milds (Up to 4.0%)

Sponsored by Label Apeel Ltd

East Mill Green Brewery Mawkin Mild 2.9
Midlands Castle Rock Brewery Black Gold 3.8
North Bank Top Brewery Ltd Dark Mild 4.0
Scotland Tryst Brewery Brockville Dark 3.8
South East Arundel Brewery Ltd Sussex Mild 3.7
South West St Austell Black Prince 4.0
Wales & West Hobson’s Brewery & Co Ltd Hobson’s Mild 3.2

mawkincompweb BlackGoldcompweb banktopmildcompweb finaldarkcompweb SussexMildcompweb bpcompweb hobsonsmildcompweb

Champion Bitters & Pale Ales (Up to 4.0%)

Sponsored by Crisp Malting Group Ltd

East Oakham Ales JHB 4.0
Midlands Thornbridge Brewery Lord Marples 4.0
North Ilkley Brewing Company Mary Jane 3.5
Scotland Black Isle Brewing Co Ltd Yellowhammer IPA 3.9
South East Oakleaf Brewing Co Ltd Quercus Folium 4.0
South West Milk Street Funky Monkey 4.0
Wales & West Nailsworth Brewery Alestock 3.6

jhbcompweb lordmarplescompweb MaryJanecompweb yellowhammercompweb funkycompweb alestockcompweb

Champion Best Bitters (4.1 – 4.5%)

Sponsored by Spa-soft Ltd

East Buntingford Britannia 4.4
Midlands Vale Brewery Co V.P.A. 4.2
North Allendale Brewery Co Ltd Golden Plover 4.1
Scotland Cairngorm Brewery Co Ltd Trade Winds 4.3
South East Triple FFF Brewing Company Moondance 4.2
South West Moles Rucking Mole 4.5
Wales & West Salopian Brewing Co Ltd Darwin’s Origin 4.3

britanniavomweb valecompweb plovercompwebTradeWindscompwebmoondancebeercomp10 ruckingmolescompwebDarwincompweb

Champion Premium Bitters (4.6 – 5.0%)

Sponsored by Warminster Maltings Ltd

East B&T Brewery Shefford Old Strong 5.0
Midlands Kinver Brewery Half Centurion 5.0
North Saltaire Brewery Ltd Cascade Pale Ale 4.8
Scotland Highland Brewing Co Ltd Orkney IPA 4.8
South East Whitstable Brewery Co Ltd Kentish Reserve 5.0
South West RCH East Street Cream 5.0
Wales & West Ludlow Brewing Co Ltd The Boiling Well 4.7

edwincompweb halfcenturioncompweb cascadecompweb OrkneyIPAcompweb kentishcompweb eaststreetcreamcompweb bioilingwellcompweb

Champion Strong Bitters (5.1 – 5.5%)

Sponsored by Murphy & Son Ltd

East Brentwood Brewing Company Lumberjack 5.2
Midlands Highgate & Davenports Brewery Ltd Old Ale 5.3
North Greenmill Brewery Big Chief Bitter 5.5
Scotland Cairngorm Brewery Co Ltd Wildcat 5.1
South East Oakleaf Brewing Co Ltd Blakes Gosport Bitter 5.2
South West Bristol Beer Factory Exhibition 5.2
Wales & West Hobson’s Brewery & Co Ltd Old Henry 5.2

BBCLumberjackcompweb oldalecompweb bigchiefcompweb Wildcatcompweb Blakescompweb bristolbeerEXHIBITIONcompweb henrycompweb

Champion Strong Ales (Over 5.6%)

Sponsored by Lallemand UK Ltd

East Batemans Brewery Victory Ale 5.9
Midlands Backyard Brewhouse East India I.P.A. 6.2
North Acorn Brewery of Barnsley Ltd Conquest 5.7
Scotland Highland Brewing Co Ltd Orkney Blast 6.0
South East Westerham Brewery Co Ltd Audit Ale 6.2
South West Moor Beer Co JJJ IPA 9.0
Wales & West Wye Valley Brewery Dorothy Goodbody’s Country Ale 6.0

VictoryAlecompweb eastindiacompweb Conquestcompweb HighlandOrkneyBlastcompweb Audit Ale Clip JJJIPAcompweb dg-country-alecompweb

Champion Porters, Strong Milds, Old Ales & Stouts

Sponsored by freerbutler graphic design

East Buffys Brewery Mucky Duck 4.5
Midlands Blue Monkey Brewing Ltd Guerrilla 4.9
North Hambleton Ales Nightmare 5.0
Scotland Cairngorm Brewery Black Gold 4.4
South East Ascot Ales Anastasia’s Imperial Stout 8.0
South West Teignworthy Martha’s Mild 5.3
Wales & West North Cotswold Brewery Hung, Drawn ‘n’ Portered 5.0

MuckyDuckcompweb Guerrillacompweb nightmarecompweb NEWÐBLACKGOLDcompweb anastasia imperialcompweb Marthasclipcompweb HDPcompweb

Champion Speciality Beers

Sponsored by Muntons Plc

East B&T Brewery Fruit Bat 4.5
Midlands Milestone Brewing Co Raspberry Wheat Beer 5.6
North Saltaire Brewery Ltd Triple Chocoholic 4.8
Scotland Sinclair Breweries Ltd Wayfarer 4.4
South East Whitstable Brewery Co Ltd Raspberry Wheat 5.2
South West Downton Brewery Apple Blossom 4.3
Wales & West Cotswold Spring Brewery Ltd Honey Bear 5.2

fruitbatcompweb2 raspbcompweb saltairechococompweb Wayfarercompweb2 raspberrycompweb

downtoncompweb Honeybearcompweb

Champion Bottled Beers

Sponsored by ALL BEER

East Tring Brewery Side Pocket for a Toad 4.5
Midlands Chiltern Brewery Glad Tidings Winter Stout 4.6
North Cumbrian Legendary Ales Loweswater Gold 4.3
Scotland Kelburn Brewery Carte Blanche 5.0
South East Oakleaf Brewing Co Ltd Hole Hearted 4.7
South West St Austell Proper Job 5.5
Wales & West Salopian Brewing Co Ltd Darwins Origin 4.3

Sidecompwebgladcompweb Loweswatercompweb cartblanchecompweb holeheartedcompweb

properwebcomp Darwincompweb

Supreme Champion

Sponsored by Croxsons


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