National & Regional Beer Competitions


SIBA National Craft Beer in Keg Competition 2013

Ponds Forge, Sheffield

March 10th 2012

Bitters, Pale and Golden Ale

Adnams Spindrift 4.2
Arkells Brewery Ltd Hurricane Ale 4.1
Bath Ales Ltd GEM 3.8
Bradfield Brewery Ltd Farmers Brown Cow 4.2
Buxton Brewery Co Buxton SPA 4.2
Elgood & Sons Ltd Cambridge Smooth 4.5
Everards Brewery Tiger Smooth 4.2
Harviestoun Brewery Bitter and Twisted 4.0
Liberation Brewery Mary Ann Special 4.5
London Fields Brewery Hackney Hopster 4.4
Saltaire Brewery Saltaire Gold 4.0
Sambrook’s Brewery Sambrook’s Pale Ale 4.1
Sunny Republic Beach Blonde 4.2
The Orkney Brewery, Sinclair Breweries Ltd Northern Light 4.1
WharfeBank Brewery Tether Blond 3.8

Premium Bitters, Pale and Golden Ales

Blue Monkey Brewery Ape Ale 5.4
Brewsters Brewing Company American Pale Ale 5.0
Green Jack Brewing Co. Ltd. Trawlerboys 4.6
Naylor’s Brewery Ltd Silver Bullet 5.0
Potton Brewery Compmany Ltd Lion Export 5.5
RedWillow Brewery Ltd Wreckless 4.8
St Austell Brewery Admirals Ale 5.0
Stewart Brewing Ltd Hollyrood 5.0
The Inveralmond Brewery Ltd Lia Fail 4.7
Thornbridge Chiron 5.0
Tintagel Brewery Limited Harbour Special 4.8

Strong Bitters and IPA’s

Allendale Brewery APA 5.5
Arbor Ales Yakima Valley IPA 7.0
Brampton Brewery Ltd Speciale 5.8
Buxton Brewery Co Axe Edge 6.8
Harbour Brewing Co Harbour Pale Ale No.1 6.0
Hardknott Azimuth 5.8
Hawkshead Brewery New Zealand Pale Ale 6.0
Ilkley Brewery Co. Ltd The Chief 7.0
London Fields Brewery Shoreditch Triangle 6.0
Marble Brewery Dobber 5.9
Marble Brewery Earl Grey IPA 6.3
Otley Brewing Co Motley Brew 7.5
Penpont Brewery An Howl 5.6
RedWillow Brewery Ltd Ageless 7.2
Sunny Republic Hop Dog IPA 5.5
The Dark Star Brewing Company Ltd Revelation 5.7
Thornbridge Jaipur 5.9

Dark Ales, Stouts and Porters

Anarchy Brew Co Sublime Chaos 7.0
Bath Ales Ltd Dark Side Stout 4.0
Bradfield Brewery Ltd Farmers Stout 4.5
Convivial London Pubs Plc The Lamb Brewery Lamb Dark Pale Ale 5.0
Fuller Smith and Turner Fullers London Porter 5.3
Hepworth & Company Brewers Ltd Conqueror Sussex Stout 4.5
Ilkley Brewery Co. Ltd MJ Fortis 4.1
Liberation Brewery Mary Ann Best Bitter 3.6
Sambrook’s Brewery Sambrook’s Porter 5.0
The Redchurch Brewery Limited Old Ford Export Stout 7.5
Wadworth & Co Ltd Corvus 4.1
WharfeBank Brewery Yorkshire Stout 4.5
Wylam Brewery Ltd HAXAN 6.2

Pale and Golden Lagers

Brewsters Brewing Company Helles 4.0
Coniston Brewing Co. Ltd. Oliver’s Lager 3.4
Freedom Brewery Ltd Freedom Four 4.0
Hepworth & Company Brewers Ltd Saxon Lager 4.0
Oakwell Brewery Acorn Lager 3.8
The Hop Studio Pilsner 4.0
Whitstable Brewery Kentish Lager 4.1
Williams Bros. Brewing Co. Caesar Augustus 4.1

Premium Pale and Golden Lagers

Coniston Brewing Co. Ltd. Thurstein Pilsner 4.8
Freedom Brewery Ltd Freedom Pilsner 5.0
Freedom Brewery Ltd Pioneer 4.6
Harbour Brewing Co Pilsner 4.9
Harviestoun Brewery Schiehallion 5.0
Hawkshead Brewery Lakeland Lager 5.0
Heidi Beers Limited T/A WEST WEST St Mungo Lager 4.9
Oakwell Brewery Oakwell Lager 5.0
Otter Brewery Tarka 4.8
RW Randall Ltd Breda Lager 4.9
St Austell Brewery Korev 4.8
St. Peter’s Brewery Co Ltd St. Peter’s English Lager 5.2
The Inveralmond Brewery Ltd Sunburst 4.8
Tunnel Brewery Limited Munich Style Lager 5.2
Whitstable Brewery Pilsner 4.9
Williams Bros. Brewing Co. Joker IPA 5.0
Windsor and Eton Brewery Republika 4.8

Speciality Beers

Allendale Brewery Winter Dunkel 4.6
Anarchy Brew Co Anarchy Lager 7.0
Arbor Ales Breakfast Stout 7.4
Compass Brewery Symposium 3.9
Convivial London Pubs Plc The Lamb Brewery Hefeweizen 5.5
Freedom Brewery Ltd Freedom Organic Dark Lager 4.7
Front Street Brewery Brune 6.2
Front Street Brewery Bliss 5.12
Grain Brewery Ltd Blonde Ash 4.0
Green Jack Brewing Co. Ltd. Red Herring 5.0
Heidi Beers Limited T/A WEST WEST Hefeweizen 5.2
Heidi Beers Limited T/A WEST WEST Munich Red 4.9
Ilkley Brewery Co. Ltd Siberia 5.9
London Fields Brewery Wheat Beer 4.7
Milk Street Brewery Elderfizz 5.0
Otley Brewing Co O7 Weissen 5.0
Penpont Brewery Ginger Beer 4.2
Potton Brewery Compmany Ltd Panther Dark Lager 5.0
St. Peter’s Brewery Co Ltd St Peter’s Christmas Ale 7.5
Stringers Beer Furness Abbey 7.0
Titanic Brewery Co Ltd Plum Porter 4.9
Tyne Bank Brewery Mocha Milk Stout 6.0