National & Regional Beer Competitions


SIBA National Craft Beer in Keg Competition 2012

The Barrels, Hereford

Friday 3rd February 2011

.Champion Bitters, Pale and Golden Ales

Sponsored by:  Morrow Brothers Limited

Elgood & Sons Ltd Elgoods Cambridge Smooth 3.8
Harviestoun Brewery Bitter and Twisted 4.2
Liberation Brewery Mary Ann Best Bitter 3.6
Naylor’s Brewery Bullet 4.3
The Ilkley Brewery Company MJ Pale 3.7
Marstons Banks’s Bitter 3.8
Tirril Brewery Tirril Smooth 3.8
Tunnel Brewery Limited Best Bitter 4.3

Champion Premium Bitters, Pale and Golden Ales

Sponsored by:  Murphy & Son Ltd

Brewster’s Brewing Co Pale Ale 5.0
Butcombe Brewery Butcombe Blond Premium 4.5
Liberation Brewery Mary Ann Special 4.5
Magic Rock Brewing Co. Ltd High Wire 5.5
Stewart Brewing Edinburgh Gold 4.8
Stewart Brewing Hollyrood 5.0
The Inveralmond Brewery Limited Lia Fail 4.7
Thornbridge Chiron 5.0

Champion Strong Bitters and IPAs

Sponsored by:  Charles Faram & Co

Allendale BrewCo APA – Allendale Pale Ale 5.5
Coniston Brewing Co. Ltd. Infinity I.P.A. 6.0
GADDS’ Ramsgate Brewery South Pacific IPA 6.0
GADDS’ Ramsgate Brewery West Coast IPA 6.5
St Peters Brewery India Pale Ale 5.5
Stringers Beer Hop Priest 6.5
Thornbridge Jaipur IPA 5.9

Champion Dark Ales, Stouts and Porters

Sponsored by:  Brewery Plastics

Bradfield Brewery Ltd Farmers Stout 4.5
Corvedale Brewery St George’s Stout 4.5
Hepworth & Company Brewers Ltd Conqueror Sussex Stout 4.5
Magic Rock Brewing Co. Ltd Dark Arts 6.0
Marstons Banks’s Dark Mild 3.5
Naylor’s Brewery Black Bullet 4.4
St Peters Brewery Cream Stout 6.5
Stringers Beer Mutiny 9.3
The Ilkley Brewery Company MJ Fortis 4.1
The Orkney Brewery, Sinclair Breweries Dark Island 4.6
Whitstable Brewery Oyster Stout 4.5
Williams Bros. Brewing Co. Profanity Stout 7.0

Champion Pale and Golden Lagers

Sponsored by: Close Brewery Rentals

Brewster’s Brewing Co Helles 4.0
Freedom Brewery Ltd Freedom Four 4.0
Oakwell Brewery Acorn Lager 3.8
Tirril Brewery Pennine Pilsner 4.0
Wolf Brewery Lone Wolf Lager 4.4

Champion Premium Pale and Golden Lagers

Sponsored by:

Allendale BrewCo Adder Lager 5.0
Camden Town Brewery Camden Hells Lager 4.6
Freedom Brewery Ltd Freedom 10-10 Pilsner 5.0
Harviestoun Brewery Schiehallion 5.0
Hawkshead Brewery Ltd Lakeland Lager 5.0
Hepworth & Company Brewers Ltd Blonde Organic Lager 5.0
The Inveralmond Brewery Limited Sunburst 4.8
Noah Beers Ltd t/a WEST St.Mungo 4.9
Oakwell Brewery Oakwell Lager 5.0
St Austell Brewery Korev Premium Cornish Lager 4.8
Tunnel Brewery Limited Munich Style Lager 5.2
Whitstable Brewery Pilsner 4.9
Williams Bros. Brewing Co. Ceilidh 90 Lager 4.7

Champion Speciality Beers

Sponsored by:  Nichesolutions (GB) Limited

Adnams PLC Spindrift 4.0
Camden Town Brewery Camden Wheat 5.0
Freedom Brewery Ltd Freedom Organic Dark Lager 4.7
Noah Beers Ltd t/a WEST Munich Red 4.9
St Peters Brewery Ruby Red Ale 4.3
Thornbridge Versa 5.0
Hardknott Brewery Queboid 8.0