National & Regional Beer Competitions


SIBA National Beer Competition 2012

The Canal House, Nottingham

Thursday 9th February 2012

Champion Standard Mild Ales

Sponsored by: Clarke Dove (Insurance) Ltd

East B&T Brewery Ltd Shefford Dark Mild 3.8
Midlands Nobby’s Brewery Guilsborough Guzzler 3.6
North Three B’s Brewery Stokers Slake 3.6
Scotland Tryst Brewery Brockville Dark 3.8
South East Dorking Brewery Black 3.5
South West RCH Brewery Hewish Mild 3.6
Wales & West Hobsons Brewery Hobsons Mild 3.2

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Champion Standard Bitters

Sponsored by:  Muntons Plc

East Wibblers Brewery Apprentice 3.9
Midlands Purity Brewing Company Pure Gold 3.8
North Hawkshead Brewery Windermere Pale 3.5
Scotland Fyne Ales Ltd Jarl 3.8
South East Whitstable Brewery Co Ltd Native 3.7
South West Butcombe Brewery Mendip Spring 3.8
Wales & West Prescott Ales Hill Climb 3.8


Champion Best Bitters

Sponsored by: Charles Faram & Co

East Woodforde’s Norfolk Ales Once Bittern 4
Midlands Dancing Duck Brewery Nice Weather 4 Ducks 4.1
North Marble Brewery Manchester Bitter 4.2
Scotland The Highland Brewing Company Ltd Scapa Special 4.2
South East Whitstable Brewery Co Ltd East India Pale Ale 4.1
South West Forge Brewery Litehouse 4.3
Wales & West Salopian Brewery Oracle 4.0

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Champion Premium Bitters

Sponsored by:  Murphy & Son

East Grain Brewery Redwood 4.8
Midlands Great Oakley Brewery Gobble 4.5
North RedWillow Brewery Wreckless 4.8
Scotland The Highland Brewing Company Ltd Orkney IPA 4.8
South East Itchen Valley Brewery Pure Gold 4.8
South West Tintagel Brewery Ltd Harbour Special 4.8
Wales & West Ludlow Brewing Company Ltd Boiling Well 4.7

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Champion Strong Bitters

Sponsored by:  Rankin Brothers & Sons

East Tring Brewery Colley’s Dog 5.2
Midlands Derby Brewing Company Quintessential 5.8
North The Jarrow Brewery Isis 5.0
Scotland The Highland Brewing Company Ltd St Magnus 5.2
South East Binghams Brewery Space Hoppy IPA 5.0
South West Forge Brewery Handsome 5.1
Wales & West Salopian Brewery Golden Thread 5.0

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Champion Premium Strong Beers

Sponsored by:  Warminster Maltings

East Oakham Ales Green Devil IPA 6
Midlands Brampton Brewery Ltd. Winter Bock 6
North Elland Brewery Limited 1872 Porter 6.5
Scotland The Highland Brewing Company Ltd Orkney Blast 6.0
South East Ramsgate Brewery West Coast IPA 6.5
South West Teignworthy Brewery Ltd Russian Imperial Porter 13.0
Wales & West Wye Valley Brewery Dorothy Goodbody’s Country Ale 6.0

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Champion Porters, Stouts, Old Ales & Strong Milds


Sponsored by: freerbutler graphic design

East Oakham Ales Black Hole Porter 5.5
Midlands Dancing Duck Brewery Dark Drake 4.5
North Ossett Brewing Company Treacle Stout 5.0
Scotland Cairngorm Brewery Company Black Gold 4.4
South East Redemption Brewing Company Fellowship Porter 5.1
South West Yeovil Ales Ltd Stout Hearted 4.3
Wales & West Monty’s Brewery Midnight 4.0

Black Hole logo Dark Drake Logo Midnight logo

Champion Speciality Beers

Sponsored by:  Crisp Malting Group Ltd

East B&T Brewery Ltd Fruit Bat 4.5
Midlands The Backyard Brewhouse Gold 4.1
North The Jarrow Brewery Westoe IPA 4.6
Scotland TSA Brewing company Double Espresso 4.8
South East Ascot Ales Ltd Cob 4.5
South West Penpont Brewery Ginger Beer 4.2
Wales & West Salopian Brewery Lemon Dream 4.5

fruitbat logo Backyard Brewhouse Gold Logo Ginger beer logo

Champion Bottled Bitter (up to 4.9%)

Sponsored by:  Croxsons

East Tring Brewery Side Pocket for a Toad 4.5
Midlands Warwickshire Beer Co. Duck Soup 4.2
North Cumbrian Legendary Ales Langdale 4.0
Scotland Fyne Ales Ltd Highlander 4.8
South East The Old Dairy Brewery Blue Top 4.8
South West Stonehenge Ales Ltd Great Bustard 4.8
Wales & West Salopian Brewery Darwin’s Origin 4.3

Side pocket for a toad logo Langdale logo Highlander logo Great Bustard Logo

Champion Bottled Bitters (over 5%)

Sponsored by:  Russel Scanlan

East Elgood & Sons Ltd Elgoods Warrior 5.2
Midlands Buxton Brewery Wild Boar 5.7
North Coniston Brewing Company Limited Infinity I.P.A. 6.0
Scotland The Inveralmond Brewery Ltd Blackfriar 7.0
South East Westerham Brewery Viceroy India Pale Ale 5.0
South West Bristol Beer Factory Southville Hop 6.5
Wales & West The Hurns Brewing Co Ltd Cwrw Idris 5.2

Infinity Logo southville hop logo Southville Hop bottle

Champion Bottled Gold Beers

Sponsored by: Bathgate Leasing Ltd

East Wolf Brewery Prairie Gold 5
Midlands Hook Norton Brewery Co. Ltd Hooky Gold 4.2
North Peerless Brewing Hilbre Gold 4.5
Scotland Harviestoun Brewery Bitter & Twisted 4.2
South East Black Cat Brewery Hopsmack 4.0
South West Forge Brewery Litehouse 4.3
Wales & West Hobsons Brewery Hobsons Twisted Spire 3.6

Prairie Gold logo Hooky Gold logo Hilbre Gold logo Bitter & Twisted Logo     Twisted spire logo

Champion Bottled Speciality Beers

Sponsored by: Jigsaw Bag in Box Ltd

East Wolf Brewery Lone Wolf Lager 4.4
Midlands Slater’s Ales Queen Bee 4.2
North Peerless Brewing Jinja Ninja 4.0
Scotland Harviestoun Brewery Ola Dubh 8.0
South East The Kernel Brewery Suke Quto Coffee India Pale Ale 6.9
South West Mighty Hop What-Ho Ginger 4.0
Wales & West Stonehouse Brewery Wheeltapper’s Wheat Beer 4.5

Lone Wolf logo Jinja Ninja logo Ola Dubh bottlewhat ho logo

Champion Bottled Porters, Stouts, Old Ales & Strong Milds
Sponsored by: Beatson Clark
East Green Jack Brewing Co. Ltd Lurcher Stout 4.8
Midlands The Chiltern Brewery Glad Tidings Stout 4.6
North Elland Brewery Limited 1872 Porter 6.5
Scotland Harviestoun Brewery Old Engine Oil 6.0
South East The Kernel Brewery Imperial Brown Stout (London 1856) 10.1
South West Cotleigh Brewery Ltd Peregrine 5.0
Wales & West The Celt Experience Ltd Newmans Cave Bear 4.0

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Champion Bottled Beer

Sponsored by: Label Apeel


Supreme Champion

Sponsored by: Lallemand